_reportName cannot be null or empty

28. August 2013

Have you ever tumbled into this error trying to execute a report?

You could also see a reference to a service thinking, what the …? Has this to do with my report

The first thing you do in Dynamics AX 2012 R2 when getting a very strange error message is clearing the AUC (Application User Cache)

These files along with the Kernel Translation Data and Index KTD and KTI will be regenerated when starting the client.

For each application you start a different set of AUC files are generated and some times those files get corrupted

My advice to you is to delete all these files and try to see if your strange error disappears

In the current case this solve my problem and I could again connect and print out SSRS reports from Dynamics AX 2012 R2 CU6

The files is found at the following location


Delete the following files

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  • · * .AUC
  • · *.KTI

You will find a set of these files for each application you have entered, just delete the lot, it will be regenerated when starting the client again, only be aware the startup time for the client is somewhat slower the first time because it must regenerate these files.

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