AX2012 and SQL2012 Always On compatibility issues

17. September 2013

Even though AX2012 RTM and R2 is official supported with SQL2012 Always On setup, I have found some issues related to this when developing on this setup.

The findings is confirmed in Dynamics AX 2012 R2 wCU6

When I wanted to create a new model from the application or the AXUTIL tool I was presented with an error saying

“Network Path Not found”

There where no further information on the error.

After some investigation I found that this was related to the fact that my DB connection from the AOS server was pointing to the Always On listener

Both the AXUTIL and the application uses the DB connection as a direct connection string, and this does not support a LSN.


Change the connection string on the AOS server to point directly to the AO node that currently holds the DB, you can do this very smoothly by creating a new AOS configuration beside the primary.

When you need to make operations like this you just switch to the other connection.

If you use AXUTIL,to create your MODEL, you don’t even have to restart the AOS server, because it just uses the value in registry, however if you are using the rich client, you need to restart the AOS and reconnect the client.

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