Change name of Legal Entity in ax 2012 BA mobile application

30. July 2015

As part of a series of articles on Mobile apps for Dynamics AX 2012, this describes how you can change name of Legal Entity in ax 2012 BA mobile application


Change name of Legal Entity in ax 2012 BA mobile application


When you open the Busniess Analyzer APP, you will see the list of Legal Entities in the TOP bar.

If you change the name of the Legal Entity, the logical way would be to change the name in Dynamics AX 2012.

But this will however not reflect into the BA App


Root Cause

The data for this list is retrieved from the LedgerTable in the field “Description”. (EN-US Label is Name). This field is for some reason not updated when you change the name of the Legal Entity in AX, and the problem is that there is no form (I could find), that actually contains this field to be changed.


However, as always there is a workaround for this

  1. Open your Dynamics AX Application as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to Ledger\setup\Ledger
  3. You can now add the Description Field to the Form, and then you can change the value, as shown in the below diagram



Ledger Table is Cached by the AOS server, so it will potentially take a while until these data is visible in your APP.

As a standard the AOS server refresh the Data every night at midnight (seen from the AOS server), but if the table is in and active SQL transaction at refresh time this will not happen and you could risk it will not show up for even longer.

When you install your Mobile Connection, hopefully you dedicated and AOS server for this purpose only (At least that is a good idea). Then you should be able to restart the AOS server and the Mobile Connector and see the data, because an AOS restart always refresh its Cache.

“In AX in developer tools you will find a menu item “Clear Cache”. This function however, is very misunderstood. This function is client side executed, and will not refresh the server cache. It is actually a good idea, to duplicate this function and let it run Server side, because this from the application gives an administrator access to force the cache to be cleared.

And of course don’t forget that the cache only will be cleared on the current AOS, so if you have more AOS you would need to log on to each AOS and repeat the process”

Please make sure that your APP is also refresh, the easy way to do this will be to switch to DEMO mode and back to operating mode.

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