Cannot Upgrade AX 2012 with latest kernel

12. August 2015

Problem statement


Sometimes I encounter that when i try to run a kernel update on an existing application the wizards pop up with the list of elements, but no elements is marked as upgradeable.

You will see a screen like shown on the left, but you are sure that this upgrade is applicable

You cannot push next on the upgrade wizard. The last time this happen was KB3058867 on top of a CU7 kernel.

I am on a Windows 2012 R2 and using SQL2014, it is an AX2012 R3 Cu7 application

So I thought I might tell you what’s wrong

Root cause

This problem occurs, when in between to AX patches is an update of the prerequisite list.

The Update tool does not rerun the prerequisite tool to verify that all components required for this patch is available. If not it will correctly show that you cannot implement this kernel, the problem however is that it does not tell you that this is the case, and what it is missing.

In this case, the following was missing

Between AX2012 R2 Cu6 and some kernel (not sure exactly which), when you run SQL 2014 you need to upgrade you SSRS Report Viewer to the latest version. The will liberate you from the problem


UpgradeAfterPlease install the following prerequisite

Report Viewer

The one I am using is timestamp:        July 4 2014 (Not a joke)

With the following revision number:    {A46BF5ED-FA16-4C8B-923A-D0A205447BAF}


In order for you to install this there is another small prerequisite and that is SQLSysClrTypes

The one I am using is timestamp:                     December 2 2012

With the following revision, number              {B802A9F5-42EA-446B-A13F-0557FFAD5E0B}

MS Chart

Just to be sure, I always then also update MSCHART to the latest version.

I am using 9.0.30729.116

After this rerun the AX upgrade wizard an hopefully you will see the same as I see on the image attached

Things to watch

This should be “a walk in the park”. Bear in mind that the version number could have changed, and the combination of what other software you have installed on the box might already have added these prerequisites.

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