Error when synchronizing AX2012 DB

22. July 2015

Problem statement


After you have executed a full database syncronization on your AX application an Infolog pops up, telling you that there is an error , even though all tables has been successfully synced.

If this was inititated from the “initialization Checklist” it will prevent you from continuing and you are stuck

The error is:

“Failed to Create Session; confirm that the user has the proper privileges to log on to Microsoft Dynamics.”

Root Cause

After the synchronization is done, AX tries to establish a connection to each Partition using the Admin Account in USERINFO for each partition.

If you have truncated this USERTABLE or have restored a DEMO database from somewhere else (like another domain), the AD information for each Admin account might be missing or not valid for one or more of the partitions.

A typical scenario is that you are restoring the Microsoft Contoso database on your own infrastructure and trying to synchronize the database. This will fail if you do not correct the Admin account for each partition, and cleanup the data in USERINFO table.

You should have one and only one ADMIN account that is valid for each partition. You should also try to log in to all partitions in order to make sure that the Admin accounts is correctly configured in security settings


You must clean up the USRINFO table manually. You must manually add the correct entries for the ADMIN and Guest account for that application.

The easy way is to use the SQL Management studio in edit mode and just create the record as a copy of one of the other ADMIN records. You must manually change the Partition ID and REC ID to valid values

Things to watch

This operation has to be undertaken in the SQL database directly, hence you should shut down your AOS server before and take a backup of the database.

When creating the record you should take care that, the Partition Rec ID is correct and especially that the RECID you have to crate manually is lower than those already there, so that you do NOT conflict with the next user created in the table

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