How to create a Project Category for your Mobile APP

13. August 2015

Problem statement

When you connect your mobile app, no categories shows up on your drop Down list, when trying to enter Timesheet


Root Cause

Although this might be a trivial task for a Dynamics AX functional person, that knows about project management in AX. For the mortal technicians that try to setup a demo to verify this, here is a short recipe to get some data in the APP


The data is coming from the “Project Category”.

First thing is then to create a Shared Project Category and then Inherit this into the local company creating a “Project Category”, hence after this is done you cannot change the Share Category anymore

Now the trick here is that it must be a transaction Type = Hour. This will be setup in the category group. The second thing is that it must be “Active in Journals” otherwise, it will not show up

Things to watch

Pitfall is that Project category can be setup in a very complex scenario in AX, where they are only visible on certain projects, on certain users etc..

So use this only as a preliminary setup to get some data into the system

The easy way however is to go into Project Parameter, in the timesheet section and just click “hide Category” and then you don’t need it in the APP

After any change you should hit the SYNC button in you APP

Another small thing is that the reason for me to investigate this was that I could not get the categories to work on an IPhone although they were working on a Windows phone.

After a couple of suggestions from a good colleague in MS Support, I switch my phone to full US language. That did the trick and the categories appeared. The weird thing was that after this they also worked when I reverted the language back to Danish

Lesson learned: if you have mystic problem, try change you phone settings to all US, restart, see if it works also if you revert, you phone back to the original

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