Installing Dynamics AX 2009 on SQL 2012

13. June 2013

It is now possible to install Dynamics AX 2009 on an SQL 2012 Server.

I just wanted to share with you some positive feedback on this installation.

This information was announced on the following blog April 18, 2013

I have now installed this on an SQL 2012 test setup running on an “Always ON” availability group.

Everything worked out perfectly and here is what I did.

  • PATCH the Installation CD to a copy of the RTM.

    The first thing you are required to do is to patch the installation CD with the new AXSetup.exe and the Reporting DLL the follows with the KB2836535, this has to be done for the installation to be able to install the Reporting and BI components.

  • Restore the original AX2009 database to your SQL 2012 server.
  • Set the compatibility mode to SQL2012 (110).
  • Do whatever you need to do in order to optimize your database settings.
  • From the patch CD install the Dynamics AX2009 RTM version, point the AOS server to the newly created database on the SQL Server 2012.
  • From the SP1 CD, update Dynamics AX 2009.
  • From the available CU download, install the latest CU8 update to your AX solution.
  • Then you apply the binaries downloaded from the KB mentioned earlier.

Furthermore I installed this in a SQL 2012 AlwaysON availability group and did some failover testing.

  • I did manually failover the DB between the 2 nodes
  • I pulled the plug on the NIC card on the server
  • I did the same thing when having update activities running in my application

Everything acted as it was supposed to. The AOS server did not at any time crash during the failover test. When the failover was executed during the update of records, the application gracefully aborted and notified the users that the transactions was rolled back and the application continued to run as expected.

So I guess I am ready to take this to the real world

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