SharePoint 2013 cannot register that .NET 4.5 is installed

28. January 2016

Problem statement

Installing SharePoint 2013 shows that .NET Framework 4.5 is not installed, even though it is. And the prereq tool also shows that is installed

Root Cause

Apparently there is an update to .NET, that updates to .NET4.6, this courses the SharePoint 2013 installer not to be able to register that .NET 4.5 is installed.

This is a SharePoint installer error that they potentially will be fixed


I did find a solution here:–visual-studio-2015-with.aspx

The Windows Update package that contains the .NET 4.6 seems to vary depending on the specific OS and versions of OS

Look carefully in the article on what article you need to remove

I needed to remove this, on my Windows 2012 R2: KB3102467

Things 2 watch

Be aware that this update might be applied again, and there is no insight whether that affects something else in a later upgrade, patch on SharePoint

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