SQL 2014 components fails to install on Dynamics AX AOS server

9. July 2015
When installing SQL 2014 components you can run in to an error, that you cannot install the SQL tools like SSMS or SSIS.


You have a Dynamics AX 2012 AOS server installed on SQL 2012. In addition, you want to move to SQL2014. On the AOS server, you want to install the DIXF tools as required you need SSIS and the SQL Management studio.

During the installation SQL2014 run the prerequisite check with no errors, and you can continue with the installation.

The installation however fails with an error message like this

“One or more dependent components was not present….”


The SQL 2014 installation verifies at the prerequisite check that an SQL Client is present, but it does not verify that the correct version of the Client is present. Hence when it reach to the point where it needs the SQL2014 client it does not exist and because the prerequisite check never found this it was not added in the installation.


Uninstall all SQL Clients present on the machine from previous installation. This could be SQL2008 and SQL2012.

After you have uninstalled you can now install the SQL2014 components and the installation will add the SQL2014 client to the machine.

Things to watch:

Check with your application team that there is no specifically need for an earlier version of the SQL client. In this case remember to install the backward compatibility components, or chose not to install the SQL 2014. You cannot install the SQL client after this, the installation will advise you that there is a newer version already present on the machine

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