Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V stop at 6% after Windows update

2. December 2015

Problem statement

After you install a Windows 2012 R2 second generation virtual machine, you apply all available Windows updates, everything seems fine, but when you boot the system will hang at 5 or 6 % percent

You are lost and the only solution you have is to restart from scratch

Root Cause

Windows Update KB 2920189, when Applied on a 2 Generation Hyper-V guest on Windows 2012 R2 makes the system hang at 6% after rebooting.


Please visit this link for the solution

Things to Watch

After you have disabled the secure boot as described in the article, isolate the Windows update and install this separately, this will potentially install some other updates that is required, and only after these has been applied on a reboot the offending patch can be applied. It seems that this patch contains a series of other patches

A good idea is to snapshot the virtual machine, so you can return to a known good state

Also after you have resolved this, do makes this a template, so you don’t have to crack your brain with this Again

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